Facebook announces their first custom-built data centre in Asia

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The popular social media firm envisions a 170,000-square-meter data centre, 11 stories building, situated in Singapore strategically: ensuring jobs and more efficient services across Asia.

This almost 15-year-old yet leading firm could bridge the revenue gap from this project by building a functional data centre.

Asia Pacific accumulates for 40% of Facebook's user base, which is the highest region worldwide. However, Asia Pacific brought total sales of only $2.3 billion in the firm's most recent quarter of business- this is just 18% of total revenue, while less than half of their revenue was made from the U.S. in the same quarter.

The development of the intently dynamic data centre will cost investment of “1.4 billion Singapore dollars”, as explained by Facebook.

Why Singapore.

Facebook recognises the spark of skilled human capital filled in Singapore's local landscapes. They also see the nation's very reliable infrastructure, access to fiber and support of strongly established policies that encourage a business-friendly regulatory environment with ease of construction permissions. The joint forces with Fortis Construction as a general contractor aim to develop perforated lightweight material that allows airflows and placing “state-of-the-art” mechanical equipment inside.

In addition, World Bank recently highlighted Singapore as the number 1 country in Asia to do business.

About the data centre.

Features of the Singaporean building are quite futuristic to match with the social media firm's efficiency enhancement vision. Facebook anticipates to utilize hyper-efficient facilities that will minimise the use of water, energy and land.

The company said, in comparison with other competitive facilities in the regional market, Facebook's cooperation with StatePoint Liquid Cooling's systems can reduce the peak water usage by 20% in climates like Singapore's, overall allowing a great chance for 100% renewable energy.

In turn, Facebook states that they will be “a leader in energy efficiency with annual Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.19”, whereby almost every single watt going into their data centre will be used to run computing technology, ensuring no power waste.

Facebook hopes this project will stimulate growth in employment and form part of their “growing presence in Singapore and across Asia” and help users “stay connected with friends and family, sharing and expressing what matters to them”.

Moreover, other global tech firms are also establishing data centres in Asia as well. Google for example, revealed their plans to develop their third data centre in Singapore.

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