Will the new wave of Technology finally help cure the productivity puzzle?

Published on
02/04/2024 08:20 PM
Photo by Andreas Klassen via Unsplash

Since 2008 I’ve been battling, in my own small corner, the long tail of low productivity in the SME space, a place where the ‘many’ lag the successful 'few'. Although clearly made worse by Brexit, we've reverted for a long time to the same reasons for why this persists.
But just maybe it’s time to call out some of these as lame excuses?
Firstly, there's "Limited Access to Technology"? But SaaS solutions emerged in the early 2000s and the now $23bn HR Tech market is now very accessible to the huge SME market and not just for the FTSE 250. We have utilities that both drive productivity gains and increasingly augment our decision-making, such as:
🏢 Building brand reputation.
🏧 Automating candidate journeys.
🧠 Understanding our people better.
👨‍💻 The emerging rise of AI
Then there's a lack of...

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