Is TikTok US Hacked? Hacker Boasts About Stealing Database Of 2 Billion Records On Twitter


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Is TikTok US hacked? A couple of days ago, Forbes reported that certain security researchers had discovered a major data privacy issue with the social media platform TikTok. According to the report, users might be exposed to a ‘one-click account takeover’.

Although that particular issue has been resolved ever since, the American version of the application seems to have been breached and hacked, as suggested by various reports on the internet.

Is TikTok U.S. Hacked? 

An alleged hack was addressed on the Breach Forums message board on September 3 (Saturday). User AgainstTheWest shared screenshots of what is potential proof of applications TikTok and WeChat being breached.

“Yet to decide if we want to sell it or release it to the public,” said the user while referring to the stolen data, which could belong to well over two billion accounts.

A Twitter user (BlueHornet|AgainstTheWest) with the same profile also acknowledged stealing “internal backend source code”. Furthermore, a video of a set of database tables, along with a link to samples of the data 

TikTok US Hacking Remains Inconclusive For Now

Earlier today, Troy Hunt who is the creator of haveibeenpwned and Microsoft Regional Director and a cybersecurity expert, shared a threat on Twitter in which he spoke about the reports of Twitter US being hacked still being inconclusive. 

He expressed that despite going through all the information and vetting the evidence provided so far, the TikTok US hacking rumours are pretty much just in the air. Having said that, Hunt adds that certain portions of the data match the production information.

This information, however, is also available to the public. Hunt also found some additional data which he refers to as ‘junk’ and suspects that they could be non-production and/or test data.

What Does TikTok Have To Say About These Allegations?

TikTok responded to Forbes and went on to say that after their investigative team went through the allegations, they found no evidence of a data breach yet.

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