TechEx IoT | Device Design Key to Success in IoT

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02/12/2022 10:55 AM
Anand Gandhi EM360

The TechEx Global IoT expo has just kicked off in Olympia, London and EM360 has been there to speak with industry experts and business leaders about everything IoT. 

Yesterday we spoke to Anand Gandhi, SVP of Global Sales at Eseye and asked him about the latest trends in IoT and its future within the enterprise landscape. 

Device design biggest IoT challenge for 84% of enterprises

When asked about the importance of device design when it comes to making IoT successful, Mr Gandhi said that “device design is key – it’s like buying a car and not putting the right tires on it”

The SVP noted that 84 per cent of enterprises say device design is their biggest challenge in IoT. 

“If you don’t have the device design to be robust, scalable, using the recent technologies that are out there like EUICC to be able to change between those operators and have that agnostic approach, you’re really looking at having a large risk in your project”  

“At Eseye we address both of those challenges, the device design element, and also the agnostic connectivity that we can provide through our industry-leading EUICC Sim – and our agnostic platform”

Two big barriers for IoT in the enterprise 

In addition to device design, Mr Gandhi also mentioned the changing regulations around permanent roaming as a great challenge for the enterprise.

This regulation “means that sims need to be localised in certain market areas – and you can’t roam into those areas after a certain amount of time,” according to the SVP. 

He also mentioned MNO locking, which “occurs when you have a contract with a large MNO and you’re only restricted to what they have there” 

He added that “once you have a SIM in a device, you can’t take it out as these are not consumer devices – these devices are employed in the field and sometimes very hard to get to.” 

To learn more about these challenges and how to solve them, watch the full interview below:


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