TechEx IoT | Companies Must Digitalise for Successful Transformation

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02/12/2022 11:42 AM
IoT Derham EM360

The TechEx Global IoT expo has just kicked off in Olympia, London and EM360 was there to speak with industry experts and business leaders about everything IoT.

Yesterday we spoke to Chris Derham, Network Business lead for the UK & Ireland at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and asked him about the latest trends in IoT and its future within the enterprise landscape.

IT and Operations must “speak the same language”

When asked about the steps IT and Operations should take to to bridge the gap for a better transformation, Mr Derham stated  that “at the moment, IT is speaking one language and doing one thing, and Operations are speaking another.”

He explained that companies “need to start to employ tools to bring together IT and the Operations teams so that they all speak the same language.”

To do this, according to Mr Derham, enterprises must “digitalise and bring everything together so that they're all speaking the same, common language”

This will allow everyone in the enterprise to “understand what the issues are and they can all work together," he added. 

The future of IoT: “everything will be connected” 

When asked for his predictions for the future of IoT in the future and beyond, the Network Business Lead predicted a promising future for its role within the enterprise. 

“What we’ve seen already is a huge explosion in IoT. We’ve gone from a few things that are IoTs to millions of things IoTs, and I think there will actually be billions of things that are IoTs – I can see everything is connected.” 

Mr Derham highlighted that “IoT is now going to be the biggest thing that we now need to drive for innovation, digitalisation, and transformation.” 

Watch the full interview below to hear more of Mr Derham’s predictions: 


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