Our Takeaways from CDAO UK

Published on
08/02/2024 11:31 AM
cdao uk

Understanding the AI governance landscape. Getting the most out of your data. Staying compliant in the face of shifting regulations. 

These were some of our key takeaways from CDAO UK this week in London. As official media partners, EM360Tech attended CDAO to talk to some of the data leaders present to gauge what was top of mind right now for some of the biggest movers and shakers in the space. 

The event brought together the UK’s most senior positions within data and analytics from a cross-industry setting for a combination of learning, networking and discussion around topics commonly faced by the community.

With a specific focus day included for Finance Services, as well as speakers across Governance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation and much more, attendees heard insights that will maximise the value of their data and innovate the strategies used within their organisation.

Below you can find some of the interviews we conducted on-site:

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