Is the Modern Data Stack Dead? Questions Asked at Fivetran's Modern Data Stack Roadshow

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modern data stack roadshow

Is the modern data stack dead? How can you better leverage your MDS? And how can you stay ahead of the curve in a market which is seeing more and more new trends emerging constantly?

These were questions posed at the recent Modern Data Stack Roadshow; Fivetran's follow-up to the successful Modern Data Stack Conference. These half-day events convene top industry experts to discuss how to drive impact and business growth using data.

EM360 spoke to some of the industry leaders present at the event, including; 

Peter Murty, Head of Technology at The Very Group

Steve Mulholland, RVP EMEA at Fivetran

Bergan, VP and GM EMEA at Fivetran

After the success at the London show earlier this month, two more half-day events are scheduled:

June 20 - Paris
June 28 - Munich

Visit the Fivetran website for more information and how to register

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