Mezmo Webinar: Telemetry Pipelines: Reduce Costs & Gain Better Insights

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Managing the tsunami of telemetry data (logs, metrics, traces, events) is a major challenge for DevOps, site reliability engineers (SREs), and security teams. Suboptimal data management can be costly and detrimental to an organization's operations. Enterprises are deploying Telemetry Pipelines (Observability Pipelines) to help streamline DevOps and SRE workflows and enable business insights while lowering costs.

In this presentation, you will discover steps DevOps, SREs, and others can take to optimize critical operational data. Learn how telemetry pipelines can lower costs, improve response times, enhance security, foster team collaboration, and maximize the investment in your current observability tools. We will review an example to showcase five steps organizations can take to filter out noise, retain valuable data, reduce telemetry volume, convert logs into metrics, and ultimately cut down operational expenses and enable actionable business insights.

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