Our Key Takeaways from London Tech Week 2023

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London Tech Week Rishi Sunak

London Tech Week 2023 has just kicked off in Queen Elizabeth II Centre, marking the beginning of a week filled with expert insights, ground-breaking stories, and important discussions about the future of UK tech. 

Featuring talks from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Google Deepmind CEO Demis Hassabis, and Microsoft UK CEO Clare Barclay, the event brings together some of the most influential and innovative thinkers in the tech space for a week-long celebration of UK tech. 

The event’s first day kicked off with a keynote speech from Sunak discussing how world-leading AI regulations could transform the UK  into “an island of innovation” where the “tectonic plates of technology are shifting” to create urgency for action. 

The PM spoke with Google CEO Demis Hassabis about the “incredible opportunities” AI innovation could bring to the UK tech sector while also stressing the need for “the right guardrails” to protect the public against the “attendant risks” of new technologies. 

Following this discussion was an address from Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, about how investment into new technologies can help combat climate change and a discussion with Ian Stuart, CEO of HSBC UK and Erin Platts Head of EMEA at SVB about HSBC’s acquisition of SVB following its collapse. 

Other notable speakers included UK Chancellor Jemery Hunt, Poppy Gustafsson, Founder and CEO of Darktrace, Sarah Munby from, the Department for Science Innovation and Technology, and UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt. 

As official media partners at London Tech Week, EM360 spoke with dozens of industry leaders, speakers and delegates at the event about everything tech – from the challenges in the start-up space to the trends driving innovation across the enterprise tech landscape. 

We spoke to: 

  • Masood Jan, DevOps Specialist at Go Agile Cloud
  • Tom Pattison, Employer Branding Strategy Lead - EMEA at TikTok
  • Sancak Gülgen, Co-Founder at Bottobo Robotics
  • Frinny Lee, Founder & CEO at A.V. Mapping Co. LTD
  • Yu-Ya Hsu, Assistant Sales Manager, at ible Technology Inc.
  • Yucheng Lin, Founder at millilab
  • Kamran Mahmood, CEO at Gridizen Ltd UK
  • Oleksandra Korotkova PR Manager at Howly
  • Alex Chuchko CEO at Webitel

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The UK's most important technology event continues this week with more discussions, exciting stories and expert insights. 

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