FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup: a Stage For Technology and Innovation 

Published on
25/11/2022 12:04 PM
World Cup EM360

As the World Cup kicks off, millions of fans around the world are set to bear witness to a spectacle of new technologies as exciting as the roars of crowds in Doha’s stadiums. 

Fifa’s ultimate football bonanza sets the stage for an array of technologies that revolutionise how football is played, consumed and enjoyed by players and fans around the world. 

From AI-wired footballs to state-of-the-art cooling systems, the 2022 World cup stands as an endpoint and the foundation of a whole new technological era for sports and global innovation. 

A new way to play 

This year’s World Cup is significant for its many firsts. It’s the first world cup played out of season, the first in the Middle East, and the most compact world cup to date – with stadiums being so close that fans can attend...

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