CxO of the Week: Salil Parekh, CEO at Infosys

Published on
28/09/2020 09:25 AM

Salil Parekh is the CEO and Managing Director at Infosys, a company that provides next-generation digital consulting and services. The company spans across 46 countries, helping clients to digitally transform and grow. 

At Infosys, Salil is responsible for setting and driving the strategic direction of the company. He started his professional life at the Institute of Technology in Bombay, where he earned his Bachelor of Technology degree in Aeronautical Engineering. After that, Parekh went on to get a Master's in Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell University. 

An Incredible Journey in Technology

With his Master's degree in hand, Salil quickly joined the Ernest & Young company as a Partner for the Financial Services practice. He stayed in this position for nearly eight years, while simultaneously taking on the responsibilities of a position with Capgemini. 

Salil earned endless insights and experience from his time with Capgemini, where he held a number of leadership positions over the course of 25 years. Parekh was responsible for overseeing business segments that comprised of application services, cloud infrastructure services, and more. He also helped to guide the strategy and execution of these businesses, supporting rapid client adoption. 

Eventually, Parekh took on a position as the Chairman of Capgemini’s North American Executive Council. He helped to architect the company’s incredible growth in North America and helped the brand to establish new offshore capabilities.

Guiding Infosys into The Future

Throughout his career, Salil has gained almost three decades of experience in the IT services industry, exploring companies and positions in different parts of the world. His incredible track record for enabling digital transformation makes him a powerful member of any team. Parekh also has a knack for executing successful business turnarounds too. 

At Infosys, Salil will continue to guide the company in the right direction. He focuses on providing the business with the inspiration and guidance necessary to continue excelling in the digital transformation landscape.