CxO of the Week: Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO at People.AI

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Oleg Rogynskyy is the inspirational Founder and CEO of People.AI. A company committed to changing the way people interact, People.AI helps teams get more out of their CRM data. 

When you can put your CRM insights on auto-pilot, increasing sales, and delivering personalised experiences is easy. Oleg has a unique skill for business growth. From an early age, he pursued an education in Business Administration and International Relations. During the initial years of his career, he experimented with multiple roles, including a position as a financial analyst. Rogynskyy’s unique experiences throughout the years are what prompted him to create People.AI. 

An Innovator with a Vision

In 2008, Oleg joined Nstein Technologies as the “Head of Growth” for the brand. At one point, his COO asked him to clean up the records that the company had in Salesforce because the data was a mess. According to an interview with Rogynskyy, this activity felt like a waste of time that could have been spent generating sales. 

The OpenText company bought Nstein Technologies in 2010, and Oleg launched a new company soon after named Semantria. When beginning his own business, Rogynskyy once again had to put his sales team on hold to deal with problematic CRM data. This recurring issue showed Oleg that there was an obvious problem in the way that people managed CRM information. 

After Lexalytics purchased Semantria, Oleg spent a while as a President of that company, managing go-to-market strategies, business development, and sales. In 2015, Rogynskyy joined as VP of Marketing and Growth. However, all the while, he was still thinking about how to solve the CRM data problem. 

Eventually, in 2016, Rogynskyy launched to address the issue once and for all. 

Changing the CRM Landscape

Over the years, Oleg helped to launch and scale three separate companies with a hand in the big data environment. Rogynskyy’s passion for solving problems and his in-depth understanding of machine learning and data science makes him an incredible leader. 

Oleg helped to guide People.AI through multiple successful financing rounds, and today he continues to guide the brand towards new transformations. Rogynskyy is committed to building his company from the ground up and optimizing productivity with the help of leading automation tools.

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