CxO of the Week: Guy Caspi, Deep Instinct

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When it comes to inspirational leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, there are few names more meaningful than Guy Caspi

Currently, Guy is the CEO and co-founder of Deep Instinct, as well as a member of the Forbes Technology Council. In his career, Guy has helped to drive companies towards crucial opportunities to accelerate growth. Notably, he has also helped some brands through to IPO in NASDAQ. 

A Seasoned CEO With a Passion for Growth

Over the years, Caspi has earned a reputation for helping businesses grow at an incredible rate. This serial entrepreneur brings his in-depth knowledge in deep learning assimilation, AI, and cybersecurity to all of his positions. It’s this knowledge and background that has helped Guy become one of the most significant pioneers in his landscape. 

At Deep Instinct, Guy is helping to produce some of the most cutting-edge technologies in cybersecurity. His expertise in go-to-market techniques and strategic planning makes him a respected leader in the industry. In turn, it makes sense that the Forbes Technology Council would acknowledge him as a leader. What’s more, Guy is also a pioneer with Davos and the World Economic Forum. 

Before taking on his current role, Caspi spent several years with Mavenir, working as CRO, SVP, and GM of Messaging, AVP of Product Management, and more. Guy earned his Master/MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as well as a GLP from the Israeli Technion Institute. 

A True Thought Leader

Currently, Caspi holds four separate registered patents in deep learning methods, AI, and cybersecurity. Since starting at Deep Instinct, the company has received multiple accolades. For example, Deep Instinct was recognised as a Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2016. Then, in 2017, Deep Instinct won the Disruptive Startup award at the NVIDIA Inception awards.

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