CxO of the Week: Carlos Moncayo Castillo, Inspectorio

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Carlos Moncayo Castillo is the CEO and Co-Founder at Inspectorio. This company offers an inspections and compliance verification mobile platform, designed to lead the inspection industry into the age of digital transformation. 

Carlos helped move his startup into Minneapolis after he and his team completed the Target Techstars accelerator programme. During 2018, the organisation earned $10 million in funding, which they used to expand efforts in modernising the way that retailers monitor supply chains. 

Castillo’s unique perspective and passion for innovation helped to bring the benefits of Software-as-a-Service technology into the creation of autonomous systems for compliance and quality monitoring. To that end, Carlos stands out as a true innovator and pioneer in his space. 

An Innovative Entrepreneur

At Inspectorio, Castillo is committed to consolidating the position of his brand as the leading platform in the world for compliance monitoring and quality control. In particular, he wants to develop a more digital and efficient environment for the global supply chain. For over four years, Carlos has played a massive part in the evolution of the company, taking it from strength to strength. 

Carlos is also the co-founder of another business named ASIAM. Castillo has worked with the apparel sourcing firm for more than 15 years, helping countless small and mid-sized companies to grow.  

An Award-Winning Pioneer

After attending Kellogg School of Management to get his MBA and continuing his education at Harvard University, Carlos has achieved incredible success over the years. For instance, he was identified as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. What’s more, he was named the youngest CEO of Latin-American origin to join the G-50 group. 

Going forward, Castillo hopes to continue delivering more pioneering ideas into the industry, changing the world as we know it. 

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