CxO of the Week: Angel Viña, CEO at Denodo

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21/09/2020 09:25 AM
CxO of the Week: Angel Viña, CEO at Denodo

Angel Viña is the CEO and Founder of Denodo, a leader in data virtualisation solutions. Today, Denodo is one of the most well-respected tools for data virtualisation on the market. The technology offers everything from high-performance integration to real-time data management and abstraction. 

With Viña’s strategic direction and unique vision, Denodo has accomplished incredible things. Angel created his data-led company after recognising just how difficult it could be to scale data repositories. In particular, Viña knew that traditional data integrations just wouldn’t lead to a sustainable future for the information that today’s companies rely on. 

Envisioning a future for data integration based on data virtualisation, Viña began working on Denodo. With Denodo, customers can now integrate data without replicating it. 

Envisioning a New Era of Data Management

Angel has always had a passion for the technical side of things. However, his background as a teacher also helped him to become an inspirational leader for his team. Between 1982 and 1993, Viña was a professor at the Technical University of Madrid, where he himself had previously studied. His career started with an Assistant Professor title, then moved onto Associate Professor. 

Then, in 1993, Angel became a Full Professor for the Autonomous University of Madrid in the Computer Science department, which eventually led to a full professor role at the University of A Coruna. Viña spent 25 years teaching at the University, covering the topics of Information Technology and Communications. 

Now, aside from still teaching on occasion, Angel dedicates the majority of his attention and skill to running Denodo. As CEO, he is responsible for overseeing the full corporate strategy of the brand, as well as worldwide expansion and operations. 

Teaching a New Way of Managing Data

Angel’s background and passion for teaching makes him an excellent motivator. With help from his team, Viña has pushed the Denodo brand into the forefront of the data management and virtualisation landscape. 

Today, Angel continues to work on creating the most reliable and effective data solutions for Denodo customers. His hard work pays off for his clients in the form of better business agility and ROI. 

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