ChatGPT’s App Hits Record $4.85M in Revenue

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ChatGPT’s mobile app hit a record $4.85M in monthly revenue and a record 15.6 million downloads in September. 

This is indicative of a clear continued interest in the business and recreational applications of generative AI, with majority of the industry leaders we interviewed at Big Data LDN naming the emerging technology as the most disruptive factor in the last 12 months. 

That being said, ChatGPT’s revenue has shown signs of slowing down. A growth of 20% in September was down from 39% in August and 31% in July. Slowing revenue growth could be the first indication that ChatGPT is nearing saturation in terms of how many mobile users are willing to pay for the upgraded ChatGPT+ service, reports TechCrunch, with a hefty $19.99 monthly in-app purchase potentially driving more casual new users away. 

It’s worth noting that these numbers don’t paint a full picture of generative AIs take-up in the market. Every household name from Slack to Google Docs to Canva has some form of generative tool, and ChatGPT isn’t as dominant as it once was. 

In fact it’s not even the largest app by revenue - a competitor called Ask AI pulled $5.51M in September and peaked at $6.55M in the month previous. A lot of that is thanks to aggressive ad spending however, which would see it netting a smaller portion of that income. 

How often do you use ChatGPT? Are you paying for its premium version? Let us know in the comments below!


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