Almost 40% of Domestic Duties Could Be Performed by Robots "Within a Decade."

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24/02/2023 09:45 AM
Household robot

According to researchers, a revolution in artificial intelligence might reduce the amount of time people spend on household chores and caring, with robots capable of performing around 39% of domestic duties within a decade.

From a survey of 65 artificial intelligence (AI) experts in the UK and Japan, who were asked to predict the impact of robots on household chores, tasks such as grocery shopping were most likely to be automated, while caring for the young or elderly was least likely to be affected by AI.


What else could AI do?

Researchers from the University of Oxford and Ochanomizu University in Japan wanted to explore how robots might affect unpaid domestic work: "If robots steal our work, would they at least take out the trash?"

Robots "for domestic home tasks," such as robot vacuum cleaners, "have become the most extensively developed and sold robots in the world," according to the study.


But do you believe the hype?

Researchers discovered that men UK specialists were more positive about household automation than their female counterparts, although the opposite was flipped in Japan.

Experts predicted that technology will slash 60% of the time we spend on food shopping.

Can you imagine AI doing your housework within the next 10 years?