Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimisation Using Hadoop

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Donna Burbank, Managing Director of Global Data Strategy Ltd and recognised industry expert in information management asks our expert panellists some of the most pressing questions on industry hot topics, Big Data and Hadoop, and explores how data is transforming business.

Paige Roberts, Product Manager for global software giant Syncsort, specialising in Big Data, and Dave Russell, Solutions Engineer for industry innovators Hortonworks, provide us with exclusive insights in our latest podcast titled ‘Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimisation Using Hadoop’.

Listen as the trio of Big Data titans answer the big questions and discuss the changing data warehouse dynamics in the new world of Big Data. From exploring whether Hadoop augments the data warehouse or replaces it to addressing how business users and IT can work together in these new data warehousing ecosystems, Paige and Dave offer some fascinating insights into the world of data warehousing, the role it plays in today's modern marketplace and what the future holds, including some unmissable words of wisdom for organisations on how to plan ahead and prepare for the opportunities on the horizon.

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