Data Modelling, Digital transformation and data as a profit driver

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In this podcast, Donna Burbank, Managing Director of Global Data Strategy Ltd, speaks with several experts in the field of data modelling to get their thoughts on how data modelling can help align technology with business drivers, support innovation and ultimately help improve the bottom line of today’s digital organisation.

Donna asks Simon Carter, Managing Director Sandhill Consulting, Danny Sandwell, VP Product Management Erwin and Dr Jean-Marie R/Fletcher Business Owner Enterprise Customers DWH Swisscom the questions we’ve all been asking, from why a data model is important to an organisation to how it can drive profitability, increase efficiency and reduce costs as well as delving into whether data models can still hold their own amongst new emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things.

Our distinguished experts lead us through a journey of definitions, real-life examples and different perspectives which makes for a compelling podcast exploring data as a profit driver.

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