Insider Threat Panel Episode 2 with CTO/CISO of Sailpoint Darran Rolls and CEO/founder of Cybsafe Oz Alashe

Published on
16/12/2019 11:15 AM

Episode 2 of the Insider Threat Panel covers Monitoring User Behaviour. Darran Rolls, CTO/CISO of Sailpoint, and Oz Alashe, CEO/founder of Cybsafe, address whether it is possible and ethical to monitor user behaviour. The security experts also discuss whether users should be told they are being monitored and the outcomes of such a decision. Finally, the unique ways user awareness training and user behaviour monitoring complement each other are also examined. 

“people have woken up to the idea that consumers are a commodity”

Listen to the first episode of the Insider Threat Panel on the Impact of User Negligence and Malicious Intent here. For more expert tips, listen to this interview with IDDRA founder Joshua Goldfarb and our AskTheExperts on Cyber Security.


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