Yellowfin: Transforming Business with Analytical Data

Published on
20/09/2021 10:55 AM

Analytical data is the beating heart of enterprise. It’s the critical information we collect to improve customer relations, make better business decisions, and find growth opportunities. But to get it business-ready requires careful consideration and preparation for the right analytics solution.

Where There's Data, There's Growth and Profitability 

In this podcast, Susan Walsh, Founder and MD of The Classification Guru, walks through the practice of transforming business data through analytics with Glen Rabie, CEO at Yellowfin, and Dan Schafer, Senior Database Administrator at Rocknel

Learn from the experts how to simplify complex data and transform spreadsheet data for better business use, ways to approach different data sets more effectively, and how to tackle user-adoption problems head-on.

Key Learnings:

  • What organisations should pay most attention to when selecting a data analytics tool, especially from an implementation perspective
  • The importance of supporting an organisation after an analysis tool has been implemented

Want to find out more about Yellowfin's approach to transforming business through data? Click here!

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