Solidatus & HSBC: From Months to Minutes - The Benefits of Automated Data Sharing

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Data sharing plays a vital role in ensuring organisations can generate insights, manage risk, and understand their customers. It can, however, be a highly complex and labour-intensive endeavour, with differing regulations across jurisdictions around how financial organisations review, approve and track data sharing activities. 

In this podcast, Susan Walsh, Founder and MD of The Classification Guru, speaks with Kate Platonova, Group CDO at HSBC, and Lorraine Waters, CDO at Solidatus, about how HSBC is modernising data sharing with their DataVisa initiative. Kate and Lorraine explore the history of data sharing and how HSBC and Solidatus are revolutionising the industry from a digital transformation, ROI, and automation perspective. The two also lend their expert advice on what organisations need to consider when allowing legal experts access to information in a single repository.

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