Kubernetes: Modernising Software Delivery

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Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies are modernising software delivery, helping to alleviate many of the challenges of packing and deploying applications to a diverse environment. However, it is Kubernetes, in particular, that reigns supreme against other open-source container orchestration systems as its capabilities are beneficial for both developers and operators, especially where collaboration is concerned. 

Kubernetes vs Other Open-Source Container Orchestration Systems

Hosting this episode of the EM360 Podcast is Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). Torsten speaks on how Kubernetes became a platform that brought developers and operators together with Grant Miller, CEO and Co-founder at Replicated. The two experts explore: 

  • The term 'multi-prem', where it comes from, and how it relates to Kubernetes
  • How Replicated chase after integration points with Kubernetes vs OpenStack
  • How to differentiate Kubernetes from other open-source container orchestration systems
  • How organisations should deliver and orchestrate applications to stay on top of developments

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