Pondurance: Making a Dent In the Fight Against Cyber Crime

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Cyberattacks against governments and large corporations have spiked in the last year. As a result, cybersecurity leaders have branded this new decade a health and cyber pandemic. From the Solarwinds hack to the Microsoft Exchange Server exploit, cybercriminals have taken full advantage of the disorderly environment caused by COVID-19 and used it as their playground. Is it time for everyone to pull together in the fight against cyber crime?

Tackling the Cyber Crime Pandemic 

Re-joining The Next Phase of Cybersecurity Podcast Series to expand upon their first conversation, The Growing Shift from MSSPs to MDRs, and discuss how current cybersecurity tools and solutions are helping organisations to mitigate the rise of large cyberattacks is Pondurance. Niloofar Razi Howe, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Lyndon Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, at Pondurance examine:

  • Today's global threat landscape
  • The power of US government state surveillance and the Civilian Cybersecurity Reserve
  • Common cybersecurity pain points for modern businesses
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) vs MDR (Managed Detection and Response) vs XDR (Extended Detection and Response) effectivity
  • Pondurance's approach to navigating the complex cybersecurity space

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