Kasten: What Cloud Native Means in the Kubernetes Age

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There's no doubting the rise in popularity when it comes to cloud-native applications. By 2023, IDC predicts that over 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed using cloud-native approaches, but where does this leave the technology - Kubernetes - that powers it? Joining us to delve deeper into what cloud native means in the Kubernetes age is Gaurav Rishi, VP Product at Kasten.

What Cloud Native Means for Kubernetes

Gaurav explores the benefit of cloud-native applications and the accompanying shift in organisational design that comes with it, how this relates to Kubernetes, and the dangers of ransomware creeping into these solutions. Drawing on his LinkedIn article 'Freedom of Choice vs Complexity', he also unpacks the meaning behind the guiding software development/computer science principle Separation of Concerns and explains how modularity applies to Kubernetes. The podcast closes with a look at what organisations need to do to avoid being held to ransomware and what makes the best attributes of a good ransomware backup and recovery solution for Kubernetes.

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