Cloud Simplicity in a Multi Cloud Conundrum | EM360

Published on
21/04/2021 02:34 PM

Time and time again, users have struggled to achieve cloud simplicity for a number of reasons. While multi cloud is more or less essential in the modern day, many cloud platforms require different skill sets, meaning that additional training is needed. Similarly, many people are using separate cloud environments, ultimately leading to data silos. 

With a cloud computing skills gap preventing users from understanding multi cloud environments and demanding organisations to spend money on more staff and resources, dealing with a multi cloud environment can waste time and money.

Learning Cloud Simplicity

The key is to have a solid understanding of native networking constructs. In this EM360 podcast John Gonsalves, Principal Field Evangelist at Aviatrix, talks to us about the key to being prepared, the benefits of a common platform for multi-cloud networking and how to provide engineers and organisations with a working knowledge of native networking. 

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