ChaosSearch: Unlocking the Future of the Data Democracy

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 Cloud storage and data democratization are two strategic technology trends that have revolutionised the enterprise. Whilst the first enables organisations to store data and run workloads off-site, the latter expedites decision making by making data accessible to an entire team. However, in line with the ever-evolving tech landscape, both cloud storage and data democratization must move and evolve with technological changes, updates, and transformations.

What are data lakes doing to improve data quality?

Joining us to discuss unlocking the future of cloud storage and data democratization and answer 'What are data lakes doing to improve data quality?' is Thomas Hazel, Founder, CTO and Chief Scientist at ChaosSearch. Thomas begins by outlining the evolution and current state of cloud storage and data lakes, before looking at the challenges and opportunities each one benefits businesses. He also explores the philosophy that organisations must put up complicated gates to scale and access data, including top tips on how to avoid this damaging mindset. Final thoughts focus on the benefits of Object Storage from a standpoint of scalability, security, and ROI.  


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