Altinity: Using ClickHouse to Build a Secret Weapon for Real-Time Business

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Instant analytics and reporting culminate in the new open-source, column-oriented DBMS, ClickHouse. The system has grown to be one of the most popular database projects, with thousands of users generating analytical reports via real-time SQL queries since it publicly launched in 2016 following an 8 year internal testing period with Yandex. When faced with trillions of rows of data and the need to filter, explore, and interact with it, ClickHouse is the solution for businesses.

ClickHouse is the Future of Analytics and Reporting

In this podcast, Scott Taylor, Principal Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting, is joined by Robert Hodges, CEO at Altinity, to discuss ClickHouse, the first open-source, SQL data warehouse that competes with the major DBMS players. Over the course of the conversation, they look at:

  • The history and background of ClickHouse
  • Benefits of open source from a data perspective
  • Management perspectives of the data journey
  • Applying ClickHouse across small to large organisations

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