Adaptiva: Endpoint Management From A Different Perspective

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Endpoint Management supervises access between individual devices and organisational networks. Evolving over the years, the policy-based approach to network security can now help businesses to protect themselves from sophisticated, next-generation threats. Nonetheless, the industry is being held back as there is a slow progression towards moving into a more cloud-oriented space and away from local infrastructures. This attitude is not sustainable for the future of hybrid working. 

Endpoint Management Currently Relies on Pricy Infrastructure.

Hosting this episode of The Next Phase of Cybersecurity Podcast is Dr Eric Cole, Founder and CEO at Secure Anchor Consulting. This time, he looks at Endpoint Management from a different perspective with Chaz Spahn, Education Services Manager at Adaptiva. The two delve into: 

  • The current state of Endpoint Management and security
  • The heavy reliance on infrastructure in the enterprise and its negative impact on customers 
  • The role of internet peer-to-peer (P2P) in the security issue and how it benefits organisations and impacts the future of hybrid working

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