Zoho Analytics: Augmented Analytics and Data Storytelling are Shaping the Future of BI

Published on
11/04/2023 09:31 AM

Augmented Analytics and Data Storytelling are two innovative technologies that are shaping the future of Business Intelligence (BI)

Augmented Analytics uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate data preparation, analysis, and insights generation, reducing the reliance on data analysts and democratizing access to insights across the organisation. 

On the other hand, Data Storytelling focuses on presenting data in a compelling and easily understandable way, turning complex data sets into impactful stories that drive decision-making.

Together, these technologies enable organizations to make data-driven decisions faster, improve business performance, and gain a competitive edge. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Matt Harris speaks to Clarence Rozario, Head of Business Intelligence Product Suite at Zoho Corp, to discuss:

  • Bringing automation into BI
  • Using BI to empower data storytelling
  • The future of augmented analytics

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