The Rise of the Private Data Cloud and How Yellowbrick is Leading the Charge

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The traditional data warehousing landscape is changing. The concept of private data cloud offers a compelling alternative to both cloud PaaS and traditional data warehousing. Imagine a secure, dedicated environment for your data, existing entirely within your organisation's control.

Yellowbrick, a leader in private data cloud solutions, empowers businesses to leverage their data on their terms. Their Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) approach offers unmatched flexibility and control. You can deploy Yellowbrick anywhere your data needs to be—public cloud, private cloud, or even the network edge. This ensures compliance with regulations and keeps your data exactly where you want it and can bring down costs. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Wayne Eckerson, President of Eckerson Group, speaks to Mark Cusack, Chief Technology Officer of Yellowbrick, to discuss:

  • The need for hybrid multi-cloud data platforms 
  • How Yellowbrick differentiates
  • The future of private data cloud
  • Why Yellowbrick? 

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