Why is Edge Computing the missing puzzle piece of decentralisation?

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Edge computing places information processing closer to the consumer, allowing for lower latency and higher reliability to transfer faster and more secure data. 

Growing in popularity, edge is often talked about with decentralisation, an important and unique advantage to a company's digital strategy. It sounds simple; but the best place to run business logic doesn't always mean the cheapest or most secure.

Edge computing's increasing usage has lead some to refer to it as 'the new mainframe'

In this podcast Max Kurton, Head of Content at EM360 talks to Melissa Dore, VP of Partnerships and Alliances at Ori Industries. Throughout this podcast, Melissa and Max explore:

  • The basics of edge computing and the current state of the industry
  • How it relates to cloud and fog computing when it comes to decentralisation
  • Where the future of edge is heading and how it's fundamentally changing how we interact with infrastructure

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