Trulioo: The Global Implementation of Products and Identity Verification

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There are many aspects to consider when expanding a business into new countries and regions, but one of the primary factors to take into account is security, especially when it comes to protecting organisations from cyber threats. Fraud attacks are notably high on the agenda as rates are rising expeditiously worldwide. However, there is an enterprise IT solution: identity verification.

Joining us to shed light on the matter is Zac Cohen, COO at Trulioo. Zac opens the podcast by discussing the current state of how organisations are approaching identity verification, before detailing the types of fraud that organisations who are looking to implement a product globally should be most aware of. He then goes on to explore identity theft, its long lasting effects, and how Trulioo is helping businesses to tackle it. To end, Zac lends his expertise on balancing business protection and CX and reminds organisations to be mindful of different countries' security laws and regulations amid sharing Trulioo's own global implementation experience.

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