Safe Software: Transforming the GIS Landscape in Burnaby and Beyond

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em360 safe software podcast

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have transformed urban landscape analysis and government policy creation, albeit not without challenges. In the past, GIS analysts often visited locations to piece together information physically.

With the help of cutting-edge platforms like Safe Software’s FME, cities like Burnaby, British Columbia, have revolutionised their operations. This has led to a significant enhancement in the quality of life for its residents. From predictive modelling to real-time data analysis, the potential for innovation appears boundless, underscoring the importance of GIS technology in improving urban operations.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Wayne Eckerson speaks to Herman Louie, GIS Analyst at the City of Burnaby, to discuss: 

  • Design and implementation of GIS solutions
  • Safe Software’s FME platform 
  • Transition to NG9-1-1 
  • The future of GIS 

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