Palo Alto Networks: The Role of Automation in Rapid Breach Response

Published on
05/02/2024 04:49 PM
palo alto networks

Rapid breach response. The art of quickly reacting to a security breach or incident. Key for minimising the impact of attacks and ensuring your team is as effective as possible, rapid breach response is an important part of any security strategy. 

With the rise and innovation we see in the automation space right now, how could automation be implemented into a security strategy to level up the efficacy of rapid breach response?

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Richard Stiennon speaks to Devin Johnstone, Security Operations Specialist at Palo Alto Networks, to discuss: 

  • Demystifying rapid breach response
  • Implementing and leveraging automation in RBR
  • Advice for SOC teams and shifting mindset

Interested in learning more about XSOAR and Palo Alto Networks? You can find some additional resources below:

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