Mezmo: Taking Control of Your Telemetry Data

Published on
12/12/2023 05:03 PM

Telemetry data pipelines are designed to collect, process and transmit telemetry data from various sources towards a place where businesses can store, analyse and utilise it for better decision-making. 

Important for SREs, DevOps, ITOps, SecOps, DataOps and the wider tech professional, taking control of your telemetry data to address data challenges in a compliant and secure way should be a common goal for the modern business. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Kevin Petrie speaks to Tucker Callaway, CEO at Mezmo, to discuss:

  • Understanding telemetry data pipelines
  • Addressing data challenges with telemetry data
  • Optimising performance and enhancing security with telemetry data

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