Megaport: Unlocking the true potential of multicloud

Published on
24/08/2020 03:09 PM

Today, organisations are using two or more cloud providers to fulfill their needs across all services. This allows them to build the best options for their organisation while factoring in multiple wants and needs. However, this can bring about many challenges when it comes to flexibility and ease of use for data stored in virtual locations. Having multiple cloud providers might solve a few problems, but not having correct cloud-to-cloud connectivity can lead to many integration barriers.

In this podcast, Paul McGuinness, Senior Solutions Architect at Megaport, outlines the trends and challenges of multicloud solutions and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) advantages. Paul begins by explaining what multicloud trends he's seeing and what kind of cloud options businesses want to bring together. Next, he outlines the top considerations for businesses when putting together their multicloud connectivity strategy and the most common challenges. Also, he demonstrates how a company might take advantage of dedicated connectivity for its disaster recovery endeavors. Finally, Paul showcases what NaaS is and what it can do before providing his predictions on what the future holds for NaaS and multicloud connectivity.

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