The Future of SaaS UX and UI


Published on
13/03/2024 12:26 PM
Tcules podcast jatin Leuva

SaaS applications are the backbone of digital enterprises around the world. But with so many SaaS businesses out there, simply having a feature-rich product is no longer enough to keep your users happy and grow your business.

In an increasingly crowded SaaS market, a smooth, intuitive user experience is what sets SaaS products apart. Businesses not only need to craft an exceptional user experience (UX) but also a User Interface (UI) design that makes your UX as seamless as possible. 

But what does an effective UX and UI design even look like today? And how are emerging technologies like AI and machine learning transforming what users expect from a SaaS UX and UI design?

In this episode of the EM360 podcast, Matt Harris speaks to Jatin Leuva, CEO and UX Strategist at Tcules, to discuss:

  • The current state of UX/UI design
  • The challenges companies face in implementing solid UX/UI design 
  • The emerging trends and technologies impacting the UX/UI space.

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