Enterprise Technology and Its Power to Change the World

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Enterprise Technology

Geoff Scott is a highly experienced technology leader with over two decades of experience in the enterprise technology space, specifically with SAP implementation and operations. 

As the CEO of ASUG, one of the largest technology communities in the world, Geoff is responsible for bringing together a massive ecosystem of purchasers, users, implementers, partners, and consultants to get the most value from enterprise technology. 

His passion for technology and its power to transform the world has made him a respected thought leader in the industry, inspiring innovation and success for organizations of all sizes.

In today’s episode of the EM360 Podcast, Geoff joins EM360’s Head of Content Matt Harris to discuss:

  • Current trends - and which ones are positive
  • Amplifying the voice of the SAP customer
  • Enterprise technology and how it’s changing the world

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