Darktrace: The Importance of Email Implementation

Published on
04/03/2021 04:28 PM
Darktrace: The Importance of Email Implementation

Email is the front door into an organisation and humans typically manage it. However, with phishing attacks becoming more targeted and sophisticated, and increasing cases of account takeover and data loss due to a successful email attack, humans alone can no longer be relied on to protect the inbox. Fortunately for businesses, there are email security solutions - Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies - that can help.

Join Dr Eric Cole, CEO and Founder of Secure Anchor Consulting, and Mariana Pereira, Director at Darktrace, as they discuss email security and why organisations now, more than ever, need to treat it as a top priority. In this podcast, the pair explore how to secure enterprise inboxes with AI. Mariana leads the conversation by sharing her knowledge and expertise on the current threat landscape for email in 2021, the use of AI in email security, and the key factors decision-makers should consider when determining the best AI system. The discussion ends with a look at a real-life case study of an email attack autonomously stopped by AI.

Want to learn more? Check out our recent Q&A with Mariana on how Antigena Email can create a self-defending inbox.

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