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Violeta Martin is Vice President, Commercial Sales EMEA at DocuSign.

She has over 15 years’ experience growing and leading high performing teams in a variety of fast growing startups and enterprise companies, including Oracle and SAP, thanks to a background in software engineering. 

Docusign, the revolutionary CX-first tech company that allows companies to manage electronic agreements on different devices, recently partnered with WhatsApp to facilitate quick and secure contract signing through the world's most popular messaging platform. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Matt Harris speaks to Violeta as they discuss:

  • Why businesses need to consider a mobile first strategy to retain customers 
  • The value of multi-channel delivery for creating the best customer experience
  • The evolution of the agreement process alongside consumer behaviour trends

You can find the timestamped contents' of today's podcast below, powered by Zencastr.


Introduction (00:00.50)

Matt introduces the EM360 podcast and welcomes Violeta Martin, VP of Commercial Sales EMEA at DocuSign, to discuss the key to creating the best customer experience.

Violeta's Role at DocuSign (00:26.45)

Violeta provides insights into her role at DocuSign, emphasizing the focus on supporting small and midmarket customers in delivering smarter, easier, and more trusted agreement processes.

Defining Customer Experience (01:20.89)

The discussion turns to defining customer experience, highlighting its significance in achieving loyalty and positive brand perception. Violeta stresses the importance of multichannel delivery for a consistent and integrated customer experience.

Crafting a Good CX (03:08.47)

Violeta explains that understanding the target audience is essential for crafting a successful customer experience. She uses DocuSign's integration with WhatsApp as an example, showcasing the importance of adapting services to user preferences for increased transaction speed.

Enterprise Tech Landscape and Consumer Trends (05:28.87)

Violeta reflects on the significant changes in the enterprise tech landscape, emphasizing the shift to the cloud and the dominance of mobile as the main communication channel. The discussion explores how individuals now expect the same technology experiences at work as in their personal lives.

Adapting to Mobile and Messaging Trends (08:00.10)

The conversation delves into the universal shift to mobile and messaging preferences, with Violeta providing data on response rates and open rates for mobile messages compared to emails.

Looking Ahead to 2024 (10:33.36)

Violeta anticipates the continued strategic importance of delivering an excellent customer experience and advises companies to prioritize the end-to-end customer journey, let customers set priorities, and offer choices in how and where they conduct business.

Final Words of Advice (11:12.51)

Violeta emphasizes the three key takeaways: consider the customer experience end to end, prioritize touchpoints based on customer importance, and give customers the choice in how they want to do business.

Closing Remarks and Where to Learn More (13:00.67)

Matt thanks Violeta for the insightful discussion and directs listeners to learn more about DocuSign on their website,

Closing Credits (13:34.11)

Matt concludes the episode, inviting listeners to subscribe to the EM360Tech podcast on all major platforms and follow them on social media for updates and more great content.

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