Cloudera Episode 5: Cloud Native Data Warehouse

Published on
28/08/2020 05:07 PM

Only a few vendors still talk about databases and tables and SQL. The conversation has shifted to expressing data warehousing as analytics on data clouds. However, despite the promise of breaking down data silos, most cloud data warehouses still require data copies into proprietary formats. 

In this podcast, Jan Kunigk, CTO EMEA, returns to the podcast series to discuss what is needed to set apart a modern data warehouse PaaS (platform as a service) in the cloud from the traditional warehouse solutions. Jan explains the benefit that container technology has in a data warehouse and how that impacts the end-users. He also describes how containerisation in a PaaS offering leads to cloud-native flexibility and how organisations can leverage this for multi and hybrid cloud mobility for cloud spend. Finally, he outlines the role of open standards to truly facilitate the mobility of queries, data, and metadata that enterprises demand from their warehouse solution.

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