Cloudera Episode 10: Data Centres of the Future: Private Cloud

Published on
01/06/2021 05:15 PM

Data storage is almost synonymous with public cloud. When cloud computing first sprung onto the tech scene several years ago, the multiple benefits of public cloud services for enterprise data - e.g. cost and time effectiveness - took the spotlight and overshadowed data centres. However, private cloud has significant, untapped advantages when coupled with the data centre. 

In this podcast, Scott Taylor speaks to Wim Stoop, Product Marketing Director at Cloudera, about the data centre of the future by running a private cloud. Wim previously appeared in episode 8 to discuss security and governance. This time, he explores the current landscape and challenges of public cloud and what the futuristic utopia of private cloud in data centres means in terms of implementation, benefits, and future-proofing. Wim also touches on whether data analytics on-prem can behave as it does in public and the challenges private cloud addresses around cluster sprawl, upgrade complexity, and missed SLAs, in which he draws on a few helpful use cases.


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