Chronicle: Detecting Breaches and Ransomware Attackers

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Security threats are unavoidable and inescapable for modern businesses. No matter the size of the enterprise, dealing with the likes of data breaches and ransomware attackers has become commonplace. The key, then, is to know how exactly to detect and respond to these incidents. With new threat hunting and detection technologies, tools, and techniques being created each quarter, the security solutions pool is becoming bigger and bigger.  

In this podcast, Chris Steffen, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)speaks with Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Head of Solutions Strategy at Chronicle and Google Cloud, about the emerging trends in threat hunting and investigation, as well as incident response. The conversation kicks off with a look at the challenges that organisations face when a breach occurs and the proliferation of high-profile security breaches and ransomware attacks within legacy systems. Dr. Anton then lends his expertise on the act of combining intelligence about global threats in the wild, threats inside your network, and unique signals from the overlap between the two, before delving into top tips for overcoming the “signal to noise” ratio. To close, the pair explore the impact of President Biden’s Executive Order on Cybrsecurity and the latest trends in threat hunting and investigation.

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