Avantra: Deriving Value from Investing in Hyperautomation and AIOps

Published on
15/03/2023 02:17 PM

Hyperautomation and AIOps are two of the most important technologies that are driving the digital transformation of businesses across the globe. 

The business value of Hyperautomation and AIOps is significant. By automating repetitive tasks, hyperautomation helps businesses to save time and reduce costs, while also improving accuracy and efficiency. 

AIOps, on the other hand, helps businesses to monitor their IT infrastructure in real-time, detect and resolve issues faster, and optimize IT operations, which ultimately leads to better business outcomes.

On this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Doug Laney is joined by John Appleby, CEO at Avantra, to discuss:

  • AIOps as an enabler
  • Tangible returns on investment
  • Future of SAP landscapes

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