Data Pipeline Automation and Rethinking the Modern Data Stack

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Data pipeline automation is revolutionizing the way organisations handle data. 

This new approach to data management is challenging the traditional modern data stack, which relied on a series of disparate tools to handle different aspects of data processing. With data pipeline automation, organizations can simplify their data stack, relying on a single tool to manage the entire process. 

This shift will allow businesses to focus on insights and decision-making, rather than spending time wrangling data. As a result, data pipeline automation will become the key component of the post-modern data stack.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst Christina Stathopoulos speaks to Sean Knapp, Founder and CEO at, and we’re here to talk about:

  • Solving data stack challenges
  • Automation in data pipelines
  • What the ultimate solution will be

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