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Organizer of high-level trade shows and conferences mainly in the field of new technologies, CORP designs, produces and manages more than ten major events in France and abroad each year. Aware of the role played by innovation in business development, CORP supports its clients in their transition. Our DNA is to offer niche, innovative subjects that have an impact on their ecosystem. Events remain an essential news channel for getting inspired, making new contacts and networking with peers. They are an ideal meeting point to position your company and find out about developments in your business. Experience has become a priority for companies. Customers no longer just want to look at what is offered to them, they also want to taste, smell, interact and participate in their own consumption. In the digital age, digital applications are also appearing in events. The proliferation of Internet access points, the unifying role of social networks and collaborative platforms make the user experience more interactive. Faced with these developments, we believe that the future of events will be played out in the ability of organizers to offer companies a plural and hyper-personalized experience. The one that combines the magic of encounter, experience and the power of technology.