TrueCue Platform Explainer

TrueCue Platform Explainer


The TrueCue Platform is a smart data warehouse automation platform, built for the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Empowering business teams to create, own and manage their Azure data warehouse, faster and at a lower cost than traditional data warehouse projects, its automated features and no-code approach eliminate the dependency on technical IT.

The key benefits of the TrueCue Platform are:

- Rapid time to value – An Azure Data Warehouse can be constructed and deployed in a fraction of the time required when using traditional approaches
- Massive cost savings – Without the need for expensive programming resources an Azure Data Warehouse can be built and deployed at a fraction of the costs required using traditional approaches
- Agility – Additional data feeds can easily be added to the Data Warehouse without the need for any re-coding
- Crowd-Source Data – The TrueCue Platform provides a governed data collection web portal for people to submit and validate their data, receiving instant feedback and detailed data quality analysis.