Truecue: Cloud Data Warehousing for SMBs

Truecue: Cloud Data Warehousing for SMBs


Data can help a business to operate more efficiently, deliver better products and services to customers, and understand the market in which they operate. Handled correctly, data can create a discernible source of competitive advantage.

However, the ability to work with large volumes of data has traditionally been the preserve of the large enterprise, those with deep enough pockets to employ specialist teams and invest in technology to store, manage and analyse it.

Fortunately, times are changing. There is a new breed of modern BI technology which is more accessible than ever before – both in term s of time and cost. Increasing use of AI and automation means that software can do much of the heavy lifting, rather than expensive teams of specialists. Smaller business can now manage data estates that would previously have required teams of experts.

So, if you are an SMB looking for a way to give your business the edge, then this webinar is for you. It introduces the concept of modern data warehousing and explains it serves as the foundation for good analytics. It covers options. It gives tips. It warns of the pitfalls.