CxO of the Week: Marc Weaver, CEO of databasable

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13/12/2019 09:43 AM

Over the last decade, companies have started to recognise the importance of data. Consequently, we have seen the emergence of metadata search engines, the transformation of business intelligence and the linkage of data to the cloud. These innovations have helped to revolutionise the tech industry. Who are the people behind these innovations? Who, out of all of these data leaders, is pushing data capabilities the furthest? The answer: Marc Weaver.

Humble Beginnings

Because of his 15 years working as a database administrator, Weaver has secured himself as a legend in the industry. His first job in this career path was with Nomura. Despite only working there for one year, Weaver was a key member in the planning and implementation of DR tests. Having perfected the role of Sybase and SQL Server Database Administrator, he continued this role with his next job at Commerzbank AG. Until he founded Databasable, Weaver worked for a variety of companies in this role. He also worked as a Sybase Developer with BGC Partners.

Marc DreamWeaver

Through his 15 years working with data in Sydney, London and New York, Weaver recognised the common problems that many enterprises faced. A lot of data was ineffectively managed and as a result, enterprises were not harnessing the full power of data. Similarly, Marc recognised an opportunity for success. In order to organise enterprises' data, Weaver developed databasable. Helping to migrate people's data to Amazon Web Services (AWS), databasable is reducing IT overheads and is making your life easier.  Beyond this, databasable also works as a consultancy business that offers enterprises advice on cloud computing. Looking to make the move to AWS? Databasable provides users with helpful advice on how to do it. Furthermore, databasable provides you with support once you have migrated to the cloud. Need support to keep up to date with changes? Do not worry; databasable is there for you. These amazing innovations in cloud and data are what makes Mr. Weaver our CxO of the Week!

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